The entire collection made of wool is 100% natural and recycled. We use wool yarn partially made from recycled polyester.
Our approach is intended to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

African Wax Fabric

One of the most famous fabric in the world is the African Wax fabric. Introduced in Africa two centuries ago that, the wax is derived from the Indonesian batik. Its uniqueness lies in its patterns, inspired by African customs.


Having always been a major component of a basket, the straw used for our products is harvested near swamps in Africa. Once dried, it is ready to be woven for a perfect result.

Recycled Plastic

The plastic used for weaving baskets come from a recycling company. After a commom effort in sorting the house garbage, the company work is to melt the plastic and add the necessary pigments for color.
At the end of production, we can ensure that the plastic used is made of 90% recycled and pigments (10%) plastic.

Recycled wood

Found mainly for Tooguou collection, the wood used for our products is mainly pallets over used. Once arriving in Senegal, the pallets are dismantled, the boards are reworked to build solid structures stools. 
This approach is consistent with our desire to be more environmentally friendly and eco-environment possible.

Fripe (Vintage clothes)

Each year Africa receives more than 10 000 tonnes of old clothes that we no longer want. Our overconsumption of clothes has given birth to collection Afripe in order to reduce the pollution generated by those clothes that we send to Africa. This initiative has also been highlighted by Terre Tv.

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